GSDM October 2014 Edition Published!

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Global South Development Magazine’s October 2014 issue has been published today. Our focus this time has been on South-South cooperation in international development. We look at different dimensions of South-South cooperation that range from trade, investment, development aid, infrastructure to humanitarian assistance. We also analyze a few problems underlying the practice and present a few exceptional examples of South-South cooperation picked from throughout the world.

In addition, this edition brings you other thought-provoking stories from around the world. Our Latin America Editor Diego Cupolo’s travel diary A Mud Road to Peru carries you to a fascinating trip to Ecuador, and our Special Correspondent for Global Humanitarian Affairs Debora Di Dio’s piece The Humanitarian Crisis in the Central African Republic gives you an overview of the fragile situation in the Sahel region. Our newly appointed Development Reporters Olufunmilayo Akande and Antony Luberto have made their first contribution by writing about disability in development agenda, and discussing alternative ways of planning and conducting local procurement strategy in developing countries.

GSDM’s guest contributor Helen Long’s compilation Ten Grassroots Environmental Justice Campaigns from Around the World and Prasiddha Khanal’s photo story on child labor in Nepal are certainly going to make you think. Finally, Prof. Anupama Saxena’s take on development and the tribal people of India calls for a rights-based approach to development and Diego Cupolo’s reporting on drones’ use in Latin America warns about the security threat imposed by the increased use of drones in Latin America. Happy reading!

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