Arts for Social Change? Creative Projects Empowering Women and Youth

By Federica Busiello When looking for empowerment projects, in a development context, we may think of livelihoods projects, vocational training and income generation activities, or projects that aim to improve access to or quality of education; or at least I used to. I have more recently come across initiatives that use arts for social change: projects that use a creative process to inspire those who participate to empower themselves.

The Difficulties of Establishing Consensus in Development

By Edvin Arnby Machata The task for civil servants and development professionals cannot be to find a magic bullet solution – because no such solutions exist. The question is rather one of how to establish continuous mechanisms with which problems can be detected, analysed, and solved.

Philippines: Hungry Farmers Asking Food Get Bullets

By Rey Ty

Government in the Philippines has responded with bullets when thousands of peasant protesters demanded for food aid and hunger relief.

The One Thing Many Nepalese Can’t Redeem With Remittance

The labour migration has substantial importance in the rural economy of Nepal. This has resulted in a dramatic change in the family and social structures of the villages; for instance, helpless parents in the villages, wives with children in the cities and the breadwinners in the Gulf.

Lessons from a Summer Sojourn in Pakistan

"Our education is inefficacious if we cannot serve our communities and make a difference. If we are free, we need to free someone else as well; and if we have power, it is our job to empower others" argues Saad Ali Baloch.