Janakpur Handicraft: Weaving a Better Future in Rural Nepal

Janakpur Handicraft Centre supports economically backward women in Nepal by giving them training, employment and other opportunities to get empowered.

Who will win the Power Struggle for Tajikistan in the Central Asian ‘Great Game’?

By Adil Khan Tajikistan is the poorest piece in the multifaceted jigsaw of Central Asia, being pulled by all corners of the globe. With the political elite apparently drowning in ‘cronyism and corruption’, if Tajikistan becomes too dependant on its foreign partners, it could perhaps lose its ability to function as an independent State, and ultimately, its sovereignty.

A Woman’s Work: Women in the Middle East Choose Untraditional Roles

By Adam Pitt Mir and Hajar are graduates from the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) in the Omani city of Sohar. Having become friends after enrolling on a four-year bachelor’s...

Los Vigilantes in Guatemala: When State Security Fails

By Robin Smith Guatemala is on the brink of becoming another Columbia or Mexico, where military policing, guerrilla groups, and civilians have to battle it out for control. It is a battle without winners and where the average citizen is the one who suffers most. And I wonder, is there time for Guatemala to save itself?

Xenophobia is the New Apartheid

By Winston Mwale Incensed with the on-going brutal and barbaric xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Civil Society Organizations in Malawi have presented a petition to the South African High Commissioner to the country, Cassandra Mbuyane Mokone. Reports have it that 2 Malawians have been killed in the xenophobic attacks so far.

Bangladesh’s Remarkable Rise from Poverty: A Lesson for the Developing World

By Tahseen Ali

Bangladesh’s overall rate of poverty currently is 24 percent, down from 40 percent a decade ago and the country is on track to being designated a middle-income country in only five years.