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Abdiwahab Ali

Abdiwahab M. Ali is horn of Africa-based Development enthusiast, freelance writer and researcher. His Interests include peace ,conflict and civil society. He has an extensive experience working with conflict-ridden states and International Humanitarian organizations, primarily on advisory and program management roles.
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Somalia Vision 2016: A Long Way To Go

By Abdiwahab Ali For the first time now there is an internationally recognized federal government in Somalia. Though Somalis disagree about whether federalism is a recipe for sustainable peace and even question whether such a system is little more than paper work.

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Conflict in South Sudan: Can Area Boy Diplomacy Help?

By Joel Obengo Despite multiple cease fire attempts and ongoing peace negotiations, violence continues to consume much of South Sudan. Insecurity throughout the country has disrupted agricultural activities and exacerbated food insecurity, bringing South Sudan to the brink of famine and a humanitarian crisis.
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