Hurricane Maria,US-Puerto Rico Relations and the 21st Century Colonialism

By Hannah Bohn In the wake of recent, devastating natural disasters, it is crucial to reflect on neo-colonial power dynamics and resource dependencies that disempower Americans living outside the United States. Colonialism is alive in the twenty-first century and has relegated those in Puerto Rico to second class citizenship, as demonstrated in the U.S. federal response to Hurricane Maria.

Malnutrition and Empty International Promises

By Olufunmilayo Akande Today, 16,000 children worldwide die each day before celebrating their fifth birthday as a result of preventable causes linked to malnutrition.

Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Countries: U.S. NGOs Must Shift Their Focus

By Erin Wiedenman

Climate Change does not affect all nations equally. It has and will continue to have a greater impact on developing nations. Since the current administration in the U.S. has denied climate change, NGOs and non-profits from the United States must place a greater focus on funding climate change adaptation projects. 

Engineers and Entrepreneurs Hold the Key to Reducing Inequality

By Mark Malloch-Brown

So SDG 10, which almost didn't make it, is now as central to development as the fight against absolute poverty was when I and others drafted the original goals. But if there is wide agreement that inequality now poses a direct threat to the stability and health of societies, there is less agreement about what to do about it.

A Few Thoughts on Engineering Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

By Dr. Calestous Juma

The first step in pursuing peace is to enhance human capabilities by expanding engineering education, argues Dr Calestous Juma FRS HonFREng, Professor of Practice of International Development at Harvard Kennedy School and author of ‘Innovation and Its Enemies’.

Another Olympic Winner: Rio’s Favela Residents

By Aubrilyn Reeder

Improving the quality of life in slums, which count for 25% of the world’s urban population, is critical for improving the social, economic, and environmental happiness for cities.

A Soul-Searching Moment for African Youths

By Nantale Sanyu Sarah

For a country to develop, it ought to be as a whole not as mere individuals, family lines and tribes.

Pakistan: Why Not Invest in Multigrade Teaching?

Dr Abdur Rehman Cheema

While it might take decades for the government to provide quality monograde education to remote rural population of the country, little investment in improving the quality of multigrade education can yield significant results for the otherwise marginalized and poor communities.

Women’s Freedom: A Reality or Just a Myth?

By Sumera B. Reshi

Life is not really rosy as it appears. For instance, I am in the UAE at the moment and you can see many women walking down the streets of the United Arab Emirates, very proud and independent from the outside. Nonetheless, the story inside seems to be a contrasting one.
joel obengo

The United States Geo-Strategy Towards Russia and Eastern Europe in the Face of Security...

By Joel Obengo 

Eastern European countries should be encouraged to play a greater role in regional leadership and conflict resolution. Such an initiative could have positive outcomes such as helping strengthen diplomatic partnerships between the US and the regional governments.