Middle East

Middle East

Urban Refuge: Boston students create an app for refugees in Jordan

By Amy Pollard

Open Urban Refuge and you’ll see a dark purple interface with five mint-green circles. Each circle contains a different symbol, representing one of five categories of aid: education, finance, housing, health, employment.

Self-Interested Security and Development in the Middle East

By Hriday Sarma Is encouraging democracy among the states in the Middle East, which is presently going on at the behest of the West, a genuinely good way to address the prevalent and future conflicts of the region?

Plans Underway to Localise and Develop the Iraqi Workforce

Amidst improving security and political climate several international organizations and corporations have stepped in to develop the local workforce in Iraq. Under a year ago, oil and gas services company UnaOil teamed up with engineering and manufacturing firm Sulzer to open up a strategic base in North Rumaila so that they can provide workshops and other services for oil workers in the nation.

A Forgotten Conflict in a Forgotten Region: Western Sahara and its 9 Million Landmines

By Adil Khan The Western Sahara dispute is ‘one of the world’s least reported crises’. For almost 40 years a forgotten conflict has ensued in a forgotten region. Contested by Morocco and the rebel organisation known as the Polisario Front, it is the cause of ethnic tensions, a diaspora, and a terrain contaminated with 9 million landmines. Will this conflict be allowed to continue, or will the international community intervene?

Gender Equality Improving in the MENA Region, A New Survey Reveals

51% of MENA women consider employment opportunities to be equal, according to a new survey. 49% believe women and men are treated equally in the workplace.

A Woman’s Work: Women in the Middle East Choose Untraditional Roles

By Adam Pitt Mir and Hajar are graduates from the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) in the Omani city of Sohar. Having become friends after...

Syrian Refugee: ‘I don’t want to die’

In an effort to give a voice to the Syrian people, GSDM Latin America Editor and photographer Diego Cupolo wrote Seven Syrians: War Accounts...

After A Revolution, Back to The Kitchen: Women in the Aftermath of the Arab...

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

When the heydays of the Arab Spring have subdued; that promising, bright and mesmerizing picture of the Arab world has started to fade. Contrary to popular expectations outside the Arab World, the Islamist fundamentalist and semi-fundamentalists dominate the elected bodies in the post-revolutionary Arab states.

Cancer & Condescension: The Case of Iraq’s Imposed Epidemic

lBy Aliza Amlani Forget about oil, occupation, terrorism or even al-Qaeda. The real hazard for Iraqis these days is cancer. As the Iraq War officially ends,...