The 10 Most Notable Environmental Justice Campaigns from Around the World

Reading the mainstream media we can easily get the impression that only middle class people are concerned about oil spills and illegal logging and mining, and that it only happens in industrialised countries. However, around the world tribal people are campaigning against these offences too, especially since it is often happening on their land.

Street Games Soothe Woes of Zimbabwe´s Jobless Youths

By Ray Mwareya

Zimbabwe's idle youths, bending under a reality of 80% joblessness, and an economy stuffed by $9, 9 billion in external debt, are now hooked to playing or owning a “snooker” table.

Domiciliary Care for the Elderly in Romania: A Social Dilemma

By Luciana Grosu Being old in Romania often equals being poor. Romania’s population is younger compared to other EU countries, nevertheless, it is aging rapidly. There are indeed elderly people who die of hunger, alone in their homes. We often hear about such cases, but there’s not much we can do about it”, admits Lisei Maria.

The One Thing Many Nepalese Can’t Redeem With Remittance

The labour migration has substantial importance in the rural economy of Nepal. This has resulted in a dramatic change in the family and social structures of the villages; for instance, helpless parents in the villages, wives with children in the cities and the breadwinners in the Gulf.

Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness and its False Promises

Some foreign observers claim that GNH provides ideological cover for repressive and racist policies. Love it or hate it, one thing is clear, the pursuit of GNH does not appear to be helping the people of Bhutan rise to a higher standard of living.

The 7 Misconceptions About Refugees & Refugee Camps

By Irungu Peter

People often tend to think that refugees are fully fed by the WFP, clothed by the UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies. This is far from the reality on the ground.

The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: The Option Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

By Oboshi Agyeno

As EU is pushing hard to rectify the loopholes that caused the tragic and avoidable deaths of thousands of migrants in its territorial waters in 2015 alone, attention should also be focused on domestic conditions in Africa that encourage and sustain such perilous journey.

Urban Refuge: Boston students create an app for refugees in Jordan

By Amy Pollard

Open Urban Refuge and you’ll see a dark purple interface with five mint-green circles. Each circle contains a different symbol, representing one of five categories of aid: education, finance, housing, health, employment.