Migrants essential to recovery of global development post COVID-19, claims new report

 The report, Human Mobility, Shared Opportunities: A Review of the 2009 Human Development Report and the Way Ahead, looks back at the last decade and assesses how future policy responses could facilitate safe, orderly, and regular migration.

Over 360,000 people displaced in Chad’s Lake Province, over half of province’s population

Since 2015, the region has been the target of repeated attacks by non-state armed groups conducting an insurgency in the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria), which have forced millions of people across the four countries to flee their homes.

The 7 Misconceptions About Refugees & Refugee Camps

By Irungu Peter

People often tend to think that refugees are fully fed by the WFP, clothed by the UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies. This is far from the reality on the ground.

The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: The Option Between The Devil And The Deep Blue...

By Oboshi Agyeno

As EU is pushing hard to rectify the loopholes that caused the tragic and avoidable deaths of thousands of migrants in its territorial waters in 2015 alone, attention should also be focused on domestic conditions in Africa that encourage and sustain such perilous journey.
Mediterranean migrant crisis

Addressing the Causes of Mass Migration: Balancing Global Prosperity Through Socio-Technical Strategies

By Stephen Fox Preconceptions that prosperity is always best facilitated by centralization are out-of-date. This is because there are an ever increasing number of socio-technical innovations that enable prosperous decentralization.
Mediterranean migrant crisis

Why Are Somalis Africa’s Best TV Watchers?

By Ray Mhondera 

Ahmed, who has lived in Zimbabwe and Botswana on his 2400 miles journey to South Africa has received €3300 via Western Union from his cousin in Germany. H says he will pay £700 to fly from Johannesburg to Rabat, Morroco in April. €2200 will be paid to a sophisticated network of human smugglers who will ferry him across the Mediterranean and hopefully into the Spanish enclave of Cueta.

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