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‘We are in the midst of an intense global transition’, an interview with Zaynah...

"Our approach to South-South cooperation is about generating mutually beneficial opportunities and results by cultivating values with one another and our counterparts in the North. In the process, we demystify stereotypes and create innovative standards for collaborations and measures for success," says Zaynah Khanbhai, founder of South South Women.

Uganda welcomes thousands of DRC refugees amid COVID-19 lockdown

On humanitarian grounds, the President of Uganda directed its Government to temporarily re-open the Zombo border to allow life-saving aid and protection to be provided to the group of refugees.
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Kenya’s Cultural Diplomacy: A New Frontier For Pan Africanism and African Renaissance

By Joel Obengo 

Kenya, endowed with plethora of cultural riches,heritages,history, customs and traditions has various instruments that can be used to influence and win the hearts and minds of foreign nationals to help support Kenya’s policies, values and demonstrations in regional, continental and global affairs.

What Has South-South Cooperation Achieved So Far?

Recent statistics do show that south-south cooperation has reeved up, but there is still a long way to go. Statistics also show that the 29 member countries of the OECD’s development assistance committee account for 90% of global development aid and have decades of experience behind them; and south-south cooperation is certainly not going to replace these figures soon. For many, south-south cooperation is an ideological boost rather than something concrete in practice.
An IDP boy at the Hawa Abdi Centre for Internally Displaced Somalis.

Somalia Vision 2016: A Long Way To Go

By Abdiwahab Ali For the first time now there is an internationally recognized federal government in Somalia. Though Somalis disagree about whether federalism is a recipe for sustainable peace and even question whether such a system is little more than paper work.

African Economic Giants Awakening from Slumber

By Winston Mwale Leaders from 26 East and Southern African countries are meeting in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe to make final touches to an agreement that may see the formation of what could prove to be Africa's largest free trade area.The proposed Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) is touted to improve the economic and social welfare of the citizens of the COMESA-EAC-SADC region.

South-South Cooperation in Practice: 10 Powerful Examples

South-South cooperation today expands beyond mere humanitarian assistance and goodwill endeavors. Trade and investment between countries in the South is huge. So is knowledge sharing and capacity building. Here are today's 10 powerful examples of south-south cooperation in practice.

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