Tortured, Killed and Chained: International Trade & Tourism May Cause Extinction of Elephants Within...

By Jameela Freitas

The total number of elephants is rapidly decreasing globally as elephants are continued to be poached for ivory, and tortured and killed for tourism and entertainment.
Cajamarca Protest

Peru Does Not Follow Its Own Environmental Laws : Seifert

By Diego Cupolo

Today, as Cajamarca remains one of the poorest regions in Peru even after 20 years of gold extraction, Seifert poses the question: If Europe can modernize its mining techniques and limit environmental degradation, why can’t Peru? “When the strategy and tactics are unclear, little can be achieved by social movements. Newmont defends private investment and the people defend their water. Up until now, there has been no bridge of understanding between the two.”
Victoria Greaves

Oil and Oxygen: Are We Suffocating the People of Peru?

By Victoria Greaves

We, in the international community, want to believe that development is possible and human rights can be respected, but we must ask ourselves: whose interests do we actually represent? And hearing from local people in the developing world reveals that even positive movements, like environmentalism, can have devastating results.

From MDGs to Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Reflecting on Environmental Sustainability Goal

By Eric Ngang A renewed thinking about availability of water for future generations using a sustainability thinking that focuses on both humans and natural systems is crucial at the moment when the world is currently reflecting on development goals that shall serve as signpost, guiding development post 2015.

Book Review: Ecoliterate—A Book Of Inspiration for Practical Action

by Ioulia Fenton One of the hardest things to do for anyone interested in issues of environmental sustainability is to translate ideas and complaints into...

Conga Mining Project in Peru: Are Legality And Viability Enough?

by Ricardo Morel “Conga will go ahead with or without social license” – announced Peru's Prime Minister in early June, after more than a...

Does Culture Matter in Sustainability? A Takeaway from Rio+20

by Josique Lorenzo Lemire In June, the world turned its attention to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD 2012). At the same...

The Bio Village: Upscaling Biodiversity in Bangladesh

By TITHE FARHANA Bangladesh has already achieved 40 years of independence and the development of the agricultural sector has been tremendous. It has been...

The Durban climate deal: Winners & Losers

by Tim Gore, Oxfam In the early hours of a December Sunday morning, governments meeting at the UN climate change conference in Durban, South Africa,...