Aid workers accused of sexual abuse in DR Congo

More than 50 women have accused Ebola aid workers from the World Health Organization and leading NGOs of sexual exploitation and abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a new investigation reveals.

Smartphones empowering women worldwide, study finds

Access to mobile phones is associated with multiple indicators linked to global social development, such as good health, gender equality, and poverty reduction. The link between mobile phone access and female empowerment is stronger in less- and least-developed countries.

Women and Indian politics: gender and political participation in India

Patriarchy still posits deep-rooted challenges hindering women’s engagement with electoral politics in India. However, several steps in the country’s developmental approach have indicated a positive change in women’s participation as voters and as elected representatives.

‘COVID-19 Threatens Decades of Progress on Gender Equality’

Decades of progress on gender equality is under threat from the COVID-19 pandemic, says aid organisation CARE. A report released by CARE today exposes the...

Six Things to Know About Basic Income and Gender Equity: Lessons From India

By Marion Sharples

While certainly not being a one-stop fix-all solution, the progress that was made under a small-scale, temporary pilot should energise feminist advocates of basic income and serve as an inspiration for future work. The positive impact of basic income on poverty levels, women's self-respect, increased social inclusion and reduced scope for exploitation is greatly inspiring.

Technology Camp For Young Girls In Rwanda

Created by Peace Corps Volunteers in 2013, TechKobwa brings together Rwandan ICT professionals and expert trainers from IBM and Michigan State University to conduct lessons in computer science, electronics, and other STEM-related topics.

The Gendered Internet: Looking at Platforms in India

By Shruti Saxena

In its earliest stages the Internet was hailed as a great equalizer, a portent of a new world of information and freedom of access. Reality has been slightly different. Like all other spaces, the Internet too is gendered.

Climate Change is About Women

By Carey Averbook & Leny Olivera

Climate change is about much more than climate change. Its impacts and driving factors intersect with a whole range of social, economic, political and cultural issues. Women, especially in the global South, are often particularly exposed to poverty, discrimination, lack of access to resources, exclusion from power and exposure to many forms of violence. When climate change impacts hit, the burdens women bear likewise increase disproportionately.

Women’s Freedom: A Reality or Just a Myth?

By Sumera B. Reshi

Life is not really rosy as it appears. For instance, I am in the UAE at the moment and you can see many women walking down the streets of the United Arab Emirates, very proud and independent from the outside. Nonetheless, the story inside seems to be a contrasting one.
Sanja Colic

Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina As Change-makers

Sanja Ivandić After suffering some of the most degrading and cruel aspects of the war, twenty years ago, women of all nationalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have managed to stay equally interested in the country's development, to invest in their education, to develop the most creative ways of self-employment through rural agriculture, crafts, arts, as well as to become change-makers through civil society initiatives.

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