These five countries top the 2020 e-government ranking

Despite the gains and major investments in e-government by many countries, the digital divide persists. Seven out of eight countries with low scores are in Africa and belong to the least developed countries group.

Climate Change Drives Rural-Urban Migration to Dhaka’s Slums

Due to climate change-driven rising flood waters in Bangladesh workers are leaving their land and moving to the country’s cities in their droves. Seasonal flooding...

The Gendered Internet: Looking at Platforms in India

By Shruti Saxena

In its earliest stages the Internet was hailed as a great equalizer, a portent of a new world of information and freedom of access. Reality has been slightly different. Like all other spaces, the Internet too is gendered.

Lessons from a Summer Sojourn in Pakistan

"Our education is inefficacious if we cannot serve our communities and make a difference. If we are free, we need to free someone else as well; and if we have power, it is our job to empower others" argues Saad Ali Baloch.

Cinderella at the ball: Mainstreaming agroforestry for a resilient post-COVID India

Multi-functional agroforestry landscapes including diversified crops, trees, and animals are keys to social-ecological resilience. If current government reforms indeed succeed in the retention of a considerable fraction of the rural workforce, subsequent scaffoldings are capable of perpetual greening of India’s rural employment sector.

CCPCR Cambodia: children’s anti-trafficking NGO as vital as ever

“People are products here. But now, I am a survivor", are the words of a 14 year old sex trafficked survivor in Cambodia. NGO in...

Novartis vs India: the court will decide — New Internationalist

Generic drugs made in India are saving lives around the world. But if the country’s Supreme Court rules in favour of Big Pharma, all...

Energy Efficiency in Russia and Central Asia – Time to Conserve?

by Meerim Shakirova Several developing country issues, particularly those concerned with the environment, such as population growth, the greenhouse effect, ecological degradation and natural resource...

Janakpur Handicraft: Weaving a Better Future in Rural Nepal

Janakpur Handicraft Centre supports economically backward women in Nepal by giving them training, employment and other opportunities to get empowered.

The Branch Foundation: Supporting Sustainable Futures in South-East Asia

  by Gareth Mace Unrecognised as a people by governments or, sometimes, even the United Nations, the Karen, Karenni and Shan groups have, for decades, lived hand...

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