Distant Voices: Design and Development from an Alternative Perspective

By Carl Harrison

For the first time this book asks pertinent questions, about the nature of product in its non-western context, the social, cultural, political and economic reasons why many producers within the developing world appear to be unwilling or unable to forge creative directions of their own.

Book Review: Geek Heresy

By Trina Gorman Kentaro Toyama's Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology urges the development community to turn its focus from cookie cutter fixes to the people who provide and use the given fix – whether it be microcredit, school vouchers, or fancy gadgets. Poor people don’t need “turbo-charged, heat-seeking, robotic fishing poles” but rather, devoted/skilled/present teachers and mentors who nurture their capacity, and then decide whether a fishing pole is necessary.

Development as Freedom And Education

By Bak Hyejin Education can be regarded as a crucial factor for the development of capabilities as well as human development. A review of Amartya Sen's seminal work Development as Freedom.

“Be The Change You Want To See,” Join Us in A Book-Inspired Personal Pledge

I tend to get pretty depressed after reading many economic, international development and environmental books—factual, fiction or otherwise. If you do not know what...

Book Review: Ecoliterate—A Book Of Inspiration for Practical Action

by Ioulia Fenton One of the hardest things to do for anyone interested in issues of environmental sustainability is to translate ideas and complaints into...

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