Big Pharma, tech companies and wealthy Americans bag dramatic profits during COVID-19

Pharmaceutical and tech companies and wealthy white Americans benefit from dramatic pandemic profits, further exacerbating inequality.

Unconventional responses to unconventional time – Lessons from the Indian state of Kerala’s successful...

Timely interventions and health actions are not the only aspects that enabled the Kerala model of COVID-19 response to be unique. It focused a lot on preparing Kerala as a society to face this adverse condition by building people’s trust in its health system.

Philippines uses ‘drug war’ tactics to fight COVID-19

The Duterte administration has assigned former military generals to deal with Covid-19 and has sent police Special Forces to contain communities.

These five countries top the 2020 e-government ranking

Despite the gains and major investments in e-government by many countries, the digital divide persists. Seven out of eight countries with low scores are in Africa and belong to the least developed countries group.

Uganda welcomes thousands of DRC refugees amid COVID-19 lockdown

On humanitarian grounds, the President of Uganda directed its Government to temporarily re-open the Zombo border to allow life-saving aid and protection to be provided to the group of refugees.

‘Global Tourism Sector set to lose at least $1.2 trillion due to Coronavirus’

Tourism is the backbone of many economies and a lifeline for millions of people around the world, but COVID-19 has brought it to a halt, causing severe economic consequences globally.

African entrepreneurs are driving prosperity despite a global crisis

Entrepreneurial innovation is creating unprecedented opportunities for Africa to grow its economy, create jobs, and transform people’s lives.

South Africa: Virtual technology offers hope to events industry during COVID-19

Inkanyezi Events, a Port Elizabeth-based marketing company has partnered with a local technology start-up in South Africa to create virtual exhibition software, which, according to Inkanyezi CEO, Andrew Binning, is receiving "intense global interest".

‘COVID-19 Threatens Decades of Progress on Gender Equality’

Decades of progress on gender equality is under threat from the COVID-19 pandemic, says aid organisation CARE. A report released by CARE today exposes the...

Trinidad and Tobago: Muslims and Hindus likely to be disadvantaged in COVID-19 grants

The word “church” is used by the Government but not “masjid”, “temple” or “mandir”, much like the duplicitous exclusion of non-Christian organisations in many “inter-faith services”. Is this an expression of indifference, intolerance, non-recognition or contempt for non-Christian faiths by an Afro-Christian-led Government? In an ethnically-plural society like ours, “church” cannot be used as a generic term. It connotes exclusion and discrimination.

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