Refugees in Uganda: A Burden or An Asset to the Host?

By Irungu Peter A report published by a research team at the University of Oxford shows that refugees can have a positive economic impact on host countries. The report was based on a research by the Humanitarian Innovation Project at the University of Oxford.

A Forgotten Conflict in a Forgotten Region: Western Sahara and its 9 Million Landmines

By Adil Khan The Western Sahara dispute is ‘one of the world’s least reported crises’. For almost 40 years a forgotten conflict has ensued in a forgotten region. Contested by Morocco and the rebel organisation known as the Polisario Front, it is the cause of ethnic tensions, a diaspora, and a terrain contaminated with 9 million landmines. Will this conflict be allowed to continue, or will the international community intervene?

When Things Fell Apart: Understanding War & Peace in DR Congo

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

For decades, foreign hands have just messed up many things in the DRC and virtually robbed the country, it’s now time that the people of DRCongo decide their fate themselves and use their mineral resources wisely for the benefit of all Congolese people.
Malawi president praying

Malawi Prays for Flood Victims

A government-initiated national prayer has been observed in the Malawian city of Blantyre to pray for the flood victims. The deadly floods have affected over 600,000 people in 15 districts of Malawi since early January with 79 dead and hundreds more injured or missing.

The 10 Most Notable Environmental Justice Campaigns from Around the World

Reading the mainstream media we can easily get the impression that only middle class people are concerned about oil spills and illegal logging and mining, and that it only happens in industrialised countries. However, around the world tribal people are campaigning against these offences too, especially since it is often happening on their land.

Hijras in Bangladesh: Fighting for Equality & Justice

Hijras have much to offer the world and their creativity and spirituality should be harnessed in a national environment of acceptance, equality and support.