The World After COVID-19

COVID-19 offers mankind a blank page for a new beginning. The question, however, is are we prepared for a fresh start?

Nepal’s Earthquake Aftermath: Now How to Prevent a Social Disaster?

International solidarity and support in the wake of Nepal’s earthquake has been very quick and unique so far. Many countries dispatched their rescue teams and relief materials within 24 hours. However, Nepal will need a wisely coordinated long-term assistance to recover and rebuild.
UNICEF Ebola treatment

Fighting an Epidemic in a Poorly-Connected World

Epidemics like Ebola cause a lot of deaths, displacements, and despair and they aren’t desirable for sure; but on a positive side, they also show us the ugly side of corporate capitalism and make it very clear who genuinely cares about the world and who doesn’t.

Reinventing a New Model for Education in Rural Nepal


By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

A Public school in Western Nepal offers a new educational model that could significantly change Nepal's primary and secondary education systems.

When Things Fell Apart: Understanding War & Peace in DR Congo

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

For decades, foreign hands have just messed up many things in the DRC and virtually robbed the country, it’s now time that the people of DRCongo decide their fate themselves and use their mineral resources wisely for the benefit of all Congolese people.

In Front of Finnish Parliament: A Fight Against Death, Deportation and Compassion Fatigue

By Manoj Bhusal & Saila Ohranen

As sovereign states, countries are free to decide whom to welcome inside their territories, but if global responsibility is a part of the puzzle, many countries in Europe will have to do a serious soul-searching to recover from what we might call now a pervasive compassion fatigue.

After A Revolution, Back to The Kitchen: Women in the Aftermath of the Arab...

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

When the heydays of the Arab Spring have subdued; that promising, bright and mesmerizing picture of the Arab world has started to fade. Contrary to popular expectations outside the Arab World, the Islamist fundamentalist and semi-fundamentalists dominate the elected bodies in the post-revolutionary Arab states.

Steve Jobs, Apple and the developing world

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

With his amazing products and innovation, Steve did touch, and to some extent, transformed our lives, but despite possesing $8.3 billion of personal wealth and leading a company that worth $39.3 billion, he failed to deeply touch and transform the lives of the most needy and vulnerable people on this planet.

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