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The Branch Foundation: Supporting Sustainable Futures in South-East Asia

  by Gareth Mace Unrecognised as a people by governments or, sometimes, even the United Nations, the Karen, Karenni and Shan groups have, for decades, lived hand...

Cancer & Condescension: The Case of Iraq’s Imposed Epidemic

lBy Aliza Amlani Forget about oil, occupation, terrorism or even al-Qaeda. The real hazard for Iraqis these days is cancer. As the Iraq War officially ends,...

LGBT Rights in Bangladesh: An Interview

Fighting for LGBT rights in Bangladesh is still a challenge, says Pinky Sikder, a known name for LGBT and transgender rights in Bangladesh.

African Initiatives – An NGO Empowering Tanzania’s Girls

  by Christine Whinney In Tanzania, there is a large disparity between boys’ and girls’ school enrollment and performance. GSDM catches up with African Initiatives, a...

NGO in Focus: Will Khan Academy Revolutionise Global Education?

by Avijita Kharel Through a free online collection of more than 2,600 micro lectures, the Khan Academy tutors mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy,...

India, Pakistan And Afghanistan: Relations & Implications

Both India and Pakistan have historical claims and substantial influence and engagement in Afghanistan. Resolving earlier geo-political conflicts, therefore, is key to a future of peace in Pakistan and relations between India and Pakistan must necessarily improve for that to happen, if and when it does. The end to the war in Afghanistan, therefore, can begin only after peace between India and Pakistan.

Energy Efficiency in Russia and Central Asia – Time to Conserve?

by Meerim Shakirova Several developing country issues, particularly those concerned with the environment, such as population growth, the greenhouse effect, ecological degradation and natural resource...

CCPCR Cambodia: children’s anti-trafficking NGO as vital as ever

“People are products here. But now, I am a survivor", are the words of a 14 year old sex trafficked survivor in Cambodia. NGO in...

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Conflict in South Sudan: Can Area Boy Diplomacy Help?

By Joel Obengo Despite multiple cease fire attempts and ongoing peace negotiations, violence continues to consume much of South Sudan. Insecurity throughout the country has disrupted agricultural activities and exacerbated food insecurity, bringing South Sudan to the brink of famine and a humanitarian crisis.
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