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Making the Most of Mobile Phones

LONDON, September 2011 - It is not often a technology guru will say, “Forget the internet!” but Ken Banks, founder of, advocates going...

Steve Jobs, Apple and the developing world

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

With his amazing products and innovation, Steve did touch, and to some extent, transformed our lives, but despite possesing $8.3 billion of personal wealth and leading a company that worth $39.3 billion, he failed to deeply touch and transform the lives of the most needy and vulnerable people on this planet.

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Conflict in South Sudan: Can Area Boy Diplomacy Help?

By Joel Obengo Despite multiple cease fire attempts and ongoing peace negotiations, violence continues to consume much of South Sudan. Insecurity throughout the country has disrupted agricultural activities and exacerbated food insecurity, bringing South Sudan to the brink of famine and a humanitarian crisis.
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