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Manoj Kr Bhusal

Manoj is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Global South Development Magazine. He holds a Master's Degree in International Development Studies from the University of Helsinki, Finland and is deeply passionate about international development issues. His areas of academic interest include peace and conflict studies, transitional justice and reconciliation processes and south-south cooperation in international development.
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The World After COVID-19

COVID-19 offers mankind a blank page for a new beginning. The question, however, is are we prepared for a fresh start?

Nepal’s Earthquake Aftermath: Now How to Prevent a Social Disaster?

International solidarity and support in the wake of Nepal’s earthquake has been very quick and unique so far. Many countries dispatched their rescue teams and relief materials within 24 hours. However, Nepal will need a wisely coordinated long-term assistance to recover and rebuild.

Fighting an Epidemic in a Poorly-Connected World

Epidemics like Ebola cause a lot of deaths, displacements, and despair and they aren’t desirable for sure; but on a positive side, they also show us the ugly side of corporate capitalism and make it very clear who genuinely cares about the world and who doesn’t.

Reinventing a New Model for Education in Rural Nepal

By Manoj Kr. Bhusal

A Public school in Western Nepal offers a new educational model that could significantly change Nepal's primary and secondary education systems.

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Conflict in South Sudan: Can Area Boy Diplomacy Help?

By Joel Obengo Despite multiple cease fire attempts and ongoing peace negotiations, violence continues to consume much of South Sudan. Insecurity throughout the country has disrupted agricultural activities and exacerbated food insecurity, bringing South Sudan to the brink of famine and a humanitarian crisis.
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