Kabul’s Dark Nights and the Dream of a New Silk Route

By Sayed Jalal

With the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, how feasible the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan Pakistan and India (TAPI) gas pipeline project will be?

The Gendered Internet: Looking at Platforms in India

By Shruti Saxena

In its earliest stages the Internet was hailed as a great equalizer, a portent of a new world of information and freedom of access. Reality has been slightly different. Like all other spaces, the Internet too is gendered.

Never Going Back Again: Two Home-Returned Migrants’ Entrepreneurial Journey in Nepal


Poverty and unemployment encourage thousands of Nepalese youth to leave home to find work in the Middle East every year. While many of them find a way to earn a living and support their families back home, some of them end up in heart-breaking tragedies.

The One Thing Many Nepalese Can’t Redeem With Remittance

The labour migration has substantial importance in the rural economy of Nepal. This has resulted in a dramatic change in the family and social structures of the villages; for instance, helpless parents in the villages, wives with children in the cities and the breadwinners in the Gulf.

Playing For A Goal in Cambodia

Playing For A Goal is a sports workshop that will provide both children and trainers with the necessary tools and knowledge to co-design and execute a sustainable Sports Program for underprivileged children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Restoring Nepal With Solar Lamps And Clean Water

Contrary to traditional relief and rehabilitation models, in the wake of Nepal’s devastating earthquake, a Kathmandu-based start-up, Ecoprise, has started distributing solar-powered lamps and mobile chargers in earthquake affected areas.

The Fergana Valley – A Region of ‘Dormant-Violence’ or ‘Fresh Opportunities’?

By Hriday Ch. Sarma Intra-regional integration in the Fergana Valley will greatly reduce the risk of inter-state conflicts, and enable Central Asian states to take optimal advantage of trade ties along the (New) Silk Roads.

Tourism for Change: An Inspiring Example from Cambodia

By Jenna Ke   With “adventurous living, responsible giving” as its tagline, PEPY, a non-profit organization based in Cambodia, aims to inspire people to become more responsible donors, travelers, and global citizens through educational tourism.

Child Friendly Spaces for Rural Children in Kashmir

By Sumera B. Reshi In the wake of a deadly natural disaster, Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) in Kashmir, India serve as alternative spaces within villages for children to come together and engage in activities that allow both recreation and information. The CFSs allow the children from disadvantaged sections of the society to have an equal access to recreation and information.

Arts for Social Change? Creative Projects Empowering Women and Youth

By Federica Busiello When looking for empowerment projects, in a development context, we may think of livelihoods projects, vocational training and income generation activities, or projects that aim to improve access to or quality of education; or at least I used to. I have more recently come across initiatives that use arts for social change: projects that use a creative process to inspire those who participate to empower themselves.