‘Global Tourism Sector set to lose at least $1.2 trillion due to Coronavirus’

Tourism is the backbone of many economies and a lifeline for millions of people around the world, but COVID-19 has brought it to a halt, causing severe economic consequences globally.

Women and Indian politics: gender and political participation in India

Patriarchy still posits deep-rooted challenges hindering women’s engagement with electoral politics in India. However, several steps in the country’s developmental approach have indicated a positive change in women’s participation as voters and as elected representatives.

India: researchers to predict flood damage using satellite data

As India recovers from the devastating effects of cyclones Amphan and Nisarga, water researchers at HR Wallingford in the UK are developing a method...

‘COVID-19 Threatens Decades of Progress on Gender Equality’

Decades of progress on gender equality is under threat from the COVID-19 pandemic, says aid organisation CARE. A report released by CARE today exposes the...

8 Online Tools to Learn Nepali Online for Free

If you are moving to Nepal for work or an internship or something like that, learning a little bit of Nepali would be of great help.

Poverty in Nepal: A Causal Analysis

Despite a number of attempts from different sectors, poverty in Nepal is still a rampant phenomenon and the country remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Six Things to Know About Basic Income and Gender Equity: Lessons From India

By Marion Sharples

While certainly not being a one-stop fix-all solution, the progress that was made under a small-scale, temporary pilot should energise feminist advocates of basic income and serve as an inspiration for future work. The positive impact of basic income on poverty levels, women's self-respect, increased social inclusion and reduced scope for exploitation is greatly inspiring.

How Children are Trafficked and Sold into Bonded Labour in India

By Aarthi Gunnupuri

18-year-old Adhir Pasvan from the east Indian state of Bihar, was trafficked and turned into a slave at a shoe manufacturing unit 1200 miles away from home. According to government reports, an astonishing 100,000 children go missing in India every year and many of them are never found.

Child Labour in India: The Missing Data & The Informal Economy

By Harris Zargar

Despite various efforts, child labour in India is still a common practice. Poverty forces children to seek jobs in undisclosed service sector and many are forced into prostitution, while many other become victims of human trafficking.

Tortured, Killed and Chained: International Trade & Tourism May Cause Extinction of Elephants Within...

By Jameela Freitas

The total number of elephants is rapidly decreasing globally as elephants are continued to be poached for ivory, and tortured and killed for tourism and entertainment.

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