The 10 Most Notable Environmental Justice Campaigns from Around the World

Reading the mainstream media we can easily get the impression that only middle class people are concerned about oil spills and illegal logging and mining, and that it only happens in industrialised countries. However, around the world tribal people are campaigning against these offences too, especially since it is often happening on their land. This article lists today's 10 most notable environmental justice campaigns from around the world. Read more 

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Gender Equality Improving in the MENA Region, A New Survey Reveals

Dubai, UAE, December 2014 – ‘The Status of Working Women in the Middle East’ survey, recently conducted by, the Middle East’s leading career site, and YouGov, a research and consulting organization, has revealed that 51% of women in the region consider recruitment and selection opportunities to be made regardless of gender. According to the survey, only 31% believe that women are treated less favourably in terms of salary. Women in the MENA region mostly seem to seek employment in order to be more financially independent (48%) and in order to support or financially contribute to their household (46%). For 45% of respondents, taking a job is a means to broaden their perspectives on life, the survey reveals. Almost three quarters (72%) of MENA respondents stated that they were employed in a mixed gender workplace, while nearly a quarter of them  (22%)

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  • Bangladesh: Police and Youth Unite for a Safer Community

    by Md. Sariful Islam    Meetings, lectures and open dialogues among the police and students at different faculties and departments of universities are regularly arranged and they play a significant role to change the negative, generalised perception about police.   Youth involvement

  • GSDM October 2014 Edition Published!

    Download your free copy here Global South Development Magazine’s October 2014 issue has been published today. Our focus this time has been on South-South cooperation in international development. We look at different dimensions of South-South cooperation that range from trade, investment,

  • ICT Transforming Africa, a New Report Says

    A report on education, training and development in Africa shows that the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is beginning to have a significant impact on agriculture and may even be helping to make a reality of the African Union’s 2063 Vision of a “transformed

A Mud Road to Peru

by Diego Cupolo From La Balsa to the Peruvian border it’s a slow, two-hour drive through the edge of the Amazon. The road’s unpaved, prone to landslides, and floods often during rain season – the time of our crossing. Ania and I flagged down a southbound truck near the bus station, threw our bags in the back, and jumped in front with the old man at the wheel. There was heavy raining and yellow water filled the potholes along the red clay road. “So, where are you from?” Ania asked the driver. “Me? I’m from here. I’m from La Balsa.” “How’s life in La

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