Doctor in Your Pocket – the New Era of Mobile Health!



In recent years, the field of mobile health, or mHealth, has exploded. The power of cell phones and other mobile devices is being harnessed to improve health delivery systems worldwide.

For instance, in Malawi, community health workers (CHWs) have been using text messages to improve drug adherence among HIV positive patients. And in India, a potentially disastrous cholera outbreak was avoided during a religious festival in 2001with the help of mobile tools. Read More

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Plans Underway to Localise and Develop the Iraqi Workforce

Amidst improving security and political climate several international organizations and corporations have stepped in to develop the local workforce in Iraq. Under a year ago, oil and gas services company UnaOil teamed up with engineering and manufacturing firm Sulzer to open up a strategic base in North Rumaila so that they can provide workshops and other services for oil workers in the nation.

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  • Disability welfare & development cooperation: Zambia & Finland

    By Yvonne Zimba

    As in the rest of southern Africa, people with disabilities in Zambia are among the worst affected by negative socio-economic conditions and face stigmatization and social exclusion. This article focuses on welfare of people with disabilities in two countries, one developed and one developing: Finland and Zambia.

  • A Radio Drama Promotes Public Health in Malawi

    The Ministry of Health in Malawi has developed a radio drama serial to help tackle public health problems and promote better behaviour. Named Moyo ndi Mpamba!, the ‘edutainment’ radio drama programme combines the power of entertainment with education to address key issues of malaria, family and maternal planning, neonatal and child health, HIV and AIDS, water and sanitation.

  • Cassava Commercialization Celebrated in Mozambique

    The Dutch Agriculture Development and Trading Company (DADTCO) in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) have celebrated a major milestone in the successful commercialization of cassava at a ceremony at the site of the DADTCO factory in Inhambane, Mozambique. The governor of Inhambane and the Dutch ambassador to Mozambique, Ms. Frédérique de Man, were present at the ceremony.

  • War & Peace in the DR Congo

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo is not officially at war, but for decades the ordinary Congolese haven’t experienced an essence of peace either. After years of bloodshed and devastation, the DRC is staggering towards normalcy, but after brief intervals the country finds itself rebound into violent conflicts again and again.

  • Malawi Prays for Flood Victims

    A government-initiated national prayer has been observed in the Malawian city of Blantyre to pray for the flood victims. The deadly floods have affected over 600,000 people in 15 districts of Malawi since early January with 79 dead and hundreds more injured or missing.

  • Can There Be a Workable Microfinance?

    “That’s not to say that microfinance won’t help the very poor, rather that there needs to be a recognition that microfinance isn’t the only thing that can work”, argues Oxford Microfinance Initiative’s President Vicente Solera Deuchar.

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  • “We resisted the temptation of violence”- Ramos-Horta

    “We never resorted to extremist tactics like kidnapping and killing innocent civilians; we had a very strict code of conduct that never allowed us to descend to the barbarity of the other side”, says José Manuel Ramos-Horta, a freedom fighter, Timor-Leste’s ex-president and a Nobel laureate.

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Current Issue
Drone Use Soars in Latin America

By Diego Cupolo
From aerial surveillance to threedimensional geographic modeling of rugged terrains and even speedy pizza delivery service, manufacturers have begun to promote the infinite capabilities of domestic drones. At the same time, they are specifically targeting developing markets in Latin America for the martial use of drones in law enforcement and military operations.

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  • Los Vigilantes in Guatemala: When State Security Fails

    By Robin Smith
    Guatemala is on the brink of becoming another Columbia or Mexico, where military policing, guerrilla groups, and civilians have to battle it out for control. It is a battle without winners and where the average citizen is the one who suffers most. And I wonder, is there time for Guatemala to save itself?

  • Microfinance and development: Do the math

    By Lykke Andersen
    A lousy little loan, which seemed like a good idea at the time, doomed Micky to a life in extreme poverty and heavy indebtedness, while Savvy, who couldn’t get a loan, did very well. So, if you thought micro credit will help solve the problem of poverty, you might want to do a bit of math to understand the astonishing power of compound interest.

  • An Unread Diary of an Aid Worker

    By Nikola Jovanovic

    I asked myself so many times: Isn`t it already too much? Do we really need to go to wars after all these natural disasters? Haven’t floods, earthquakes and Tsunamis taken enough lives and added enough human suffering?

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