Demand for electric car batteries’ raw materials set to rise: UNCTAD report

The demand for raw materials used to manufacture rechargeable batteries will grow rapidly as the importance of oil as a source of energy recedes

Aid workers accused of sexual abuse in DR Congo

More than 50 women have accused Ebola aid workers from the World Health Organization and leading NGOs of sexual exploitation and abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a new investigation reveals.

Arts for Social Change? Creative Projects Empowering Women and Youth

By Federica Busiello When looking for empowerment projects, in a development context, we may think of livelihoods projects, vocational training and income generation activities, or projects that aim to improve access to or quality of education; or at least I used to. I have more recently come across initiatives that use arts for social change: projects that use a creative process to inspire those who participate to empower themselves.

The Democratic Republic of Congo: A Historical Timeline

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is not officially at war, but for decades the ordinary Congolese haven't experienced an essence of peace either....

The Middle East powerhouses & geopolitics of Somalia’s fault lines

The Middle Eastern powerhouses are set to pull their Somali clients in opposite directions. If not handled properly, these factors risk further jeopardizing Somalia's state-building process.    

Cassava Commercialization Celebrated in Mozambique

The Dutch Agriculture Development and Trading Company (DADTCO) in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) have celebrated a major milestone in the successful commercialization of cassava at a ceremony at the site of the DADTCO factory in Inhambane, Mozambique. The governor of Inhambane and the Dutch ambassador to Mozambique, Ms. Frédérique de Man, were present at the ceremony.
Mediterranean migrant crisis

Why Are Somalis Africa’s Best TV Watchers?

By Ray Mhondera 

Ahmed, who has lived in Zimbabwe and Botswana on his 2400 miles journey to South Africa has received €3300 via Western Union from his cousin in Germany. H says he will pay £700 to fly from Johannesburg to Rabat, Morroco in April. €2200 will be paid to a sophisticated network of human smugglers who will ferry him across the Mediterranean and hopefully into the Spanish enclave of Cueta.

Over 10,000 health workers infected with COVID-19 in Africa, says WHO

In many African countries, infection prevention and control measures aimed at preventing infections in health facilities are still not fully implemented.

Tortured, Killed and Chained: International Trade & Tourism May Cause Extinction of Elephants Within...

By Jameela Freitas

The total number of elephants is rapidly decreasing globally as elephants are continued to be poached for ivory, and tortured and killed for tourism and entertainment.

Rwanda uses drones for COVID-19 awareness in remote, densely populated areas

The Rwanda National Police has intervened with drones to raise COVID-19 awareness in densely-populated and hard-to-reach areas of the country.

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