Causes of Conflict in South Sudan: Oil and Weak Institutions

"An unstable Sudan is not good for South Sudan as well. So we want to see a democratic system in Sudan as well as in South Sudan and then we can have good relations with Sudan in a meaningful way," says Dr. Luka B. Deng Kuol, Director and Associate Professor at the Centre for Peace & Development, University of Juba, South Sudan.

Child Mining in Tanzania: A Forgotten Story

By Tony Spence

Children are often attracted to mining due to a lack of regulation and the promise of easy money. As a result, thousands of children in Tanzania work in difficult and dangerous conditions for little money in which their education, safety and wellbeing is compromised.

Persons with Albinism (PWA): Ghosts of Tanzania

By Melanie Andrews 75 Persons with Albinism (PWA) have been killed in Tanzania since 2000, according to UN estimations. UN officials have spoken about their fears that attacks will rise with the upcoming Tanzanian presidential election since politicians seek good luck from witch doctors.

How Free is Free Education in Kenya & Uganda?

Free education is a concept that is only free on paper, but the reality is, education in Uganda and Kenya is expensive. There have been cases where students had to buy a bag of cement, toilet papers and brooms for their school. And in some cases students who fail to make book donations to school have been sent away.

Cassava Commercialization Celebrated in Mozambique

The Dutch Agriculture Development and Trading Company (DADTCO) in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) have celebrated a major milestone in the successful commercialization of cassava at a ceremony at the site of the DADTCO factory in Inhambane, Mozambique. The governor of Inhambane and the Dutch ambassador to Mozambique, Ms. Frédérique de Man, were present at the ceremony.

The Hadza of Tanzania: Inside Story of 21st Century Hunter-Gatherers

By Tony Spence

The Hadza people are now at a crossroads, facing serious issues regarding their future as it becomes harder to secure food and resources. A romanticised appeal of a hunter-gatherer existence does not mask their true struggle

Arts for Social Change? Creative Projects Empowering Women and Youth

By Federica Busiello When looking for empowerment projects, in a development context, we may think of livelihoods projects, vocational training and income generation activities, or projects that aim to improve access to or quality of education; or at least I used to. I have more recently come across initiatives that use arts for social change: projects that use a creative process to inspire those who participate to empower themselves.
An IDP boy at the Hawa Abdi Centre for Internally Displaced Somalis.

Somalia Vision 2016: A Long Way To Go

By Abdiwahab Ali For the first time now there is an internationally recognized federal government in Somalia. Though Somalis disagree about whether federalism is a recipe for sustainable peace and even question whether such a system is little more than paper work.

Conflict in South Sudan: Can Area Boy Diplomacy Help?

By Joel Obengo Despite multiple cease fire attempts and ongoing peace negotiations, violence continues to consume much of South Sudan. Insecurity throughout the country has disrupted agricultural activities and exacerbated food insecurity, bringing South Sudan to the brink of famine and a humanitarian crisis.

African Initiatives – An NGO Empowering Tanzania’s Girls

  by Christine Whinney In Tanzania, there is a large disparity between boys’ and girls’ school enrollment and performance. GSDM catches up with African Initiatives, a...

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