Malnutrition and Empty International Promises

By Olufunmilayo Akande Today, 16,000 children worldwide die each day before celebrating their fifth birthday as a result of preventable causes linked to malnutrition.

Fighting Poverty in Guatemala: Importance of Public Investment in Education

By Anna Heikkinen

Twenty years have passed since the end of the Guatemalan civil war. The country has managed to take notable steps fostering its economic and human development. However, inequality and poverty still remain at concerning level. Investing in education is what Guatemala urgently needs to raise its people out of poverty and continue the success story of its economy on a sustainable basis.

Child Mining in Tanzania: A Forgotten Story

By Tony Spence

Children are often attracted to mining due to a lack of regulation and the promise of easy money. As a result, thousands of children in Tanzania work in difficult and dangerous conditions for little money in which their education, safety and wellbeing is compromised.

How Children are Trafficked and Sold into Bonded Labour in India

By Aarthi Gunnupuri

18-year-old Adhir Pasvan from the east Indian state of Bihar, was trafficked and turned into a slave at a shoe manufacturing unit 1200 miles away from home. According to government reports, an astonishing 100,000 children go missing in India every year and many of them are never found.

Child Labour in India: The Missing Data & The Informal Economy

By Harris Zargar

Despite various efforts, child labour in India is still a common practice. Poverty forces children to seek jobs in undisclosed service sector and many are forced into prostitution, while many other become victims of human trafficking.

Playing For A Goal in Cambodia

Playing For A Goal is a sports workshop that will provide both children and trainers with the necessary tools and knowledge to co-design and execute a sustainable Sports Program for underprivileged children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Orange Sweet Potato Reduces Diarrhea in Children, Study Finds

A new study has found that orange sweet potato (OSP) reduced both the prevalence and duration of diarrhea in young children in Mozambique.

Child Friendly Spaces for Rural Children in Kashmir

By Sumera B. Reshi In the wake of a deadly natural disaster, Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) in Kashmir, India serve as alternative spaces within villages for children to come together and engage in activities that allow both recreation and information. The CFSs allow the children from disadvantaged sections of the society to have an equal access to recreation and information.

There is Hope for Guatemalan Children, They Should Stay Home

By Anthony Luberto Yes, gangs do exist and yes, many development areas are flickering but there is also hard work being done to curb the future of Guatemala from draining away to the U.S.

How Free is Free Education in Kenya & Uganda?

Free education is a concept that is only free on paper, but the reality is, education in Uganda and Kenya is expensive. There have been cases where students had to buy a bag of cement, toilet papers and brooms for their school. And in some cases students who fail to make book donations to school have been sent away.

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