What do children play in the Colombian conflict?

By LAURA D. ORTIZ/GSDM  According to the Happy Planet Index in 2012, Colombia is positioned as the 3rd happiest country in the world. The HPI results, that...

A Dedicated Journey: One Man’s Commitment to Children’s Rights in Cambodia

  by Gareth Mace "We don't know when we will die, I like to do as much as I can. I want to try to...

Cambodia: Inclusive Education Combats Social Barriers

Despite its rating as least-developed country (LDC) where 56.5 per cent of the population are estimated by the World Bank (WB) to earn less than $2 a day (adjusted for purchasing power parity), Cambodia is consistently, albeit incrementally, improving its enrolment and literacy rates and successfully reducing poverty (from 34.7 per cent in 2004 to 30.1 per cent in 2007, WB). However, marginalized, physically impaired people are still severely affected by income inequality and exclusion.

Child Marriages In Bangladesh: Will There Ever Be An End?

Child marriages in Bangladesh are still a sad reality, despite several efforts from different organizations for decades. Will it ever end anyway?

Climate Change Drives Rural-Urban Migration to Dhaka’s Slums

Due to climate change-driven rising flood waters in Bangladesh workers are leaving their land and moving to the country’s cities in their droves. Seasonal flooding...

Amahdiyya People Still a Target for Islamist Inquisitors in Bangladesh

*** An Islamic sect who believe in a metaphorical ‘John the Baptist’ figure are still suffering violence and abuse after decades of persecution.  They believe...

The Branch Foundation: Supporting Sustainable Futures in South-East Asia

  by Gareth Mace Unrecognised as a people by governments or, sometimes, even the United Nations, the Karen, Karenni and Shan groups have, for decades, lived hand...

CCPCR Cambodia: children’s anti-trafficking NGO as vital as ever

“People are products here. But now, I am a survivor", are the words of a 14 year old sex trafficked survivor in Cambodia. NGO in...

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