A Few Thoughts on Engineering Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

By Dr. Calestous Juma

The first step in pursuing peace is to enhance human capabilities by expanding engineering education, argues Dr Calestous Juma FRS HonFREng, Professor of Practice of International Development at Harvard Kennedy School and author of ‘Innovation and Its Enemies’.

What do children play in the Colombian conflict?

By LAURA D. ORTIZ/GSDM  According to the Happy Planet Index in 2012, Colombia is positioned as the 3rd happiest country in the world. The HPI results, that consider this country among other...

How Can Tourism Shape Colombia’s Post-Conflict Future?

By Adil Khan

Colombia has made great strides to transform itself into a cultural and tourism hub, which may encourage further investment and economic progress. Colombia's tourism industry is expanding and could yet prove to be pivotal in the country’s economic diversification and future development.

Urban Refuge: Boston students create an app for refugees in Jordan

By Amy Pollard

Open Urban Refuge and you’ll see a dark purple interface with five mint-green circles. Each circle contains a different symbol, representing one of five categories of aid: education, finance, housing, health, employment.

Philippines: Hungry Farmers Asking Food Get Bullets

By Rey Ty

Government in the Philippines has responded with bullets when thousands of peasant protesters demanded for food aid and hunger relief.

The International Aid Agenda and Cuban Internationalism

The golden age of aid seems to be in jeopardy; perhaps what is needed is a revolution in the system of aid delivery. And what better country  to look to for revolutionary inspiration than Cuba?By taking a leaf out of Cuba’s book, the focus of the Western aid system could be shifted towards sustainability.
An IDP boy at the Hawa Abdi Centre for Internally Displaced Somalis.

Somalia Vision 2016: A Long Way To Go

By Abdiwahab Ali For the first time now there is an internationally recognized federal government in Somalia. Though Somalis disagree about whether federalism is a recipe for sustainable peace and even question whether such a system is little more than paper work.

Making the Most of Mobile Phones

LONDON, September 2011 - It is not often a technology guru will say, “Forget the internet!” but Ken Banks, founder of, advocates going back to basics – using...