African Initiatives – An NGO Empowering Tanzania’s Girls

  by Christine Whinney In Tanzania, there is a large disparity between boys’ and girls’ school enrollment and performance. GSDM catches up with African Initiatives, a shining example of effective solutions...

An Unread Diary of an Aid Worker

By Nikola Jovanovic I asked myself so many times: Isn`t it already too much? Do we really need to go to wars after all these natural disasters? Haven’t floods, earthquakes and Tsunamis taken enough lives and added enough human suffering?

“Human Trafficking is Not Just a Third World Problem”

Leeches, a short movie recently produced and premiered in the UK emphasizes that human trafficking is not just a third world problem. The movie was inspired by the director Lalit Bhusal's own observations during his stints, first in India and later in the United Kingdom.

Gender Equality Improving in the MENA Region, A New Survey Reveals

51% of MENA women consider employment opportunities to be equal, according to a new survey. 49% believe women and men are treated equally in the workplace.

José Manuel Ramos-Horta: “We resisted the temptation of violence”

"We never resorted to extremist tactics like kidnapping and killing innocent civilians; we had a very strict code of conduct that never allowed us to descend to the barbarity of the other side", says José Manuel Ramos-Horta, a freedom fighter, Timor-Leste's ex-president and a Nobel laureate.

A Few Thoughts on Engineering Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

By Dr. Calestous Juma

The first step in pursuing peace is to enhance human capabilities by expanding engineering education, argues Dr Calestous Juma FRS HonFREng, Professor of Practice of International Development at Harvard Kennedy School and author of ‘Innovation and Its Enemies’.